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Today we read about Paul’s journey to Rome as a prisoner. The story is one of the most suspenseful and interesting in the book of Acts. The use of the pronoun “we” in the first verse of the chapter stood out to me. This indicates Luke, the author of Acts, accompanied Paul on this journey and had a firsthand account of the events described in this chapter. The main theme to me in this chapter was Paul’s leadership. Even though he was a prisoner, he was still a leader in many ways. For starters he was able to warn the centurion who was able to keep the sailors from escaping in the middle of the storm. He was also an encourager to the men on the boat and reassured each of them of their survival. Ultimately, Paul showed us that we can be leaders and influencers even if we are in a position of weakness. As a prisoner, Paul’s status was among the lowest on the ship, but he was still able to lead and influence the positive outcome for everyone on the ship. No matter what our circumstances may be, God can use us for His glory if we simply trust and obey Him in all we do.