We all allow distractions to pull us away from God’s true purpose for our lives. John the Baptist is one of the most impressive characters in the Bible to me personally. Through his singularity of mind and discipline, he was able to fulfill God’s plan exactly as He intended. John the Baptist was not distracted and was always focused on God’s plan for his life, never wavering away, right up until his death. John knew his part and even questioned his worthiness to baptize Jesus. In Matthew 3:14 John tries to talk Jesus out of it, “I need to be baptized by you, and you come to me?”. Even so, in his humility, John consented to Jesus’ command.

This is a powerful example for us in a couple of ways: 1) We allow too many distractions that take our focus away from completely serving God and fulfilling His purpose in and through our lives. 2) Even though we feel unworthy to participate in God’s great purpose, He can always use us if we are simply willing to follow His lead.