Today, the day after Easter celebration of our risen Lord, we read the final chapter in the Gospels of Jesus Christ. In this chapter we read about Jesus’ final appearance to His disciples. Over the course of these last 3 months we have witnessed many things through the eyes of the authors of these four gospels. One of the things I noticed about John’s account is the intimacy with which it was written. John is the self-proclaimed “one who Jesus loved”, and while this seems arrogant at times because Jesus loved all His disciples equally, John takes His relationship with Jesus very personally, which should be an example for us all. When we talk about a personal relationship with Jesus, we should really mean it to be personal. While it should be a relationship where we recognized Christ’s authority and how much he deserves our respect as our savior and God, we should also see Him in theĀ personal and intimate way we would see someone we truly love and loves us.