Today’s reading in Act 6 is a short one, but it is important for two reasons: 1) It introduces Stephen, who we will read more about tomorrow in chapter 7, and 2) it addresses one of the key responsibilities we should have as a body of believers, which is to take care of those in need. In this particular case we are talking about widows, but this applies in many areas. The “Church” is responsible for taking care of people in need, not government. When we wait for the government to step in and provide, we are allowing them to step into all areas of our lives. If the church spent less money on building physical “temples”, we could spend more time and money taking care of widows, single moms, the sick, and the elderly more effectively. I would rather see tithes and offerings going to those in need rather than into new spaces that are used only one or two days a week. I am not against building or buying space that fits the needs of safe and sheltered worship, just against edifices that resemble museum more than gathering places for humble believers who exhibit a hearts of servants.