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In today’s reading we see a lot of turmoil between the new believers and the Greeks of Ephesus. Because the “Way” (this is what the early Christian sect was called) was such a new and disruptive faith, people felt threatened. Especially those who made a living by selling people false hope and deceit. This chapter sets the stage for the majority of Paul’s letters to the early churches of the region. Most of these churches experienced tremendous amounts of pressure and persecution because of their faith. It is important to realize there are still Christians around the world that face similar persecution. The hope of Jesus is no less disruptive than it was 2,000 years ago. While we have allowed this message to be watered down in the United States, there are many believers in other parts of the world that still experience persecution. Let us not forget them and be in prayer for their strength, safety, and peace as they remain faithful servants of Christ.