This is a fascinating video with many interesting thoughts, both spiritually and just plain interesting. The video is produced by a guy name Destin Sandlin who is literally a rocket scientist. He credits his fascination with scientific method and his job as a rocket engineer for having inspired him to make educational videos on his YouTube channel “Smarter Every Day”. One of the things Destin talks about in the video below is, “Knowledge does not equal understanding”. While I believe Destin is a believer, he does not come right out and say it, but this has some very interesting spiritual implications. Just because we have knowledge, does not mean we understand. In other words, if we do not have the Holy Spirit to help us understand God, all the knowledge in the world will not bring us closer to Him. Moreover, as believers, telling people about God and giving them more knowledge about Him does not necessarily help them understand His love and desire to have a relationship with Him. It is not an issue of knowledge, but instead, it comes from an understanding that can only come from God Himself.

On the non-spiritual side, and something incredibly interesting, is the complexity of the algorithm in your brain used to ride a bicycle. It really is THAT complicated. If you really think about it, there are innumerable calculations and adjustments your brain instructs your body to make to do something as “simple” as riding a bike. Your brain is an amazing computer and able to do much more than we may ever realize.

Sit back and enjoy the video. I hope it blows you away as much as it did me.


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