We finished Ephesians yesterday after several month of leisurely study. I have been thinking about which book of the Bible I would like to study next and Ecclesiastes came to mind. The first time I read the book was while I was reading through the Bible in a year. When I came across this book, I was in awe by the overall theme Solomon was trying to convey to the reader, which is that life is meaningless apart from God. This coming from a man, a ruler, who by all accounts (and even in today’s dollar), would be considered the richest man to ever live. By some calculations Solomon would have been worth over $1.2 Trillion, $40 to $60 Billion in gold alone (depending where you place the value of gold at the time). Somehow, even this man, the wisest and richest among all men clearly states throughout the book of Ecclesiastes that everything is “Meaningless”. I hope to learn more about Solomon and hope to understand his perspective as a man who had everything, but realized all he really needed was God. I’ll begin this study on January 1, 2018.