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I had a couple of observations in today’s reading. First, in the last part of verse 22 where it quotes God’s voice saying , “You are my Son, whom I love; with you I am well pleased.” It never gets old reading those words. I think of my dad, especially in the last few months I got to spend with him and I constantly wondered whether he looked at me and was “pleased” with the man I’d become. For Jesus, as a man, it must have been an incredible feeling to hear those words directly from His Father’s mouth. All I know, is it was always amazing when I heard it from my dad.

The second observation is the last part of the chapter where it goes over Jesus’ genealogy. This one is different from the one at the beginning of Matthew because it goes all the way back to Adam. There are no mistakes or coincidences in God’s word which establishes that Jesus is tied to all of us by being directly related to the created father of all mankind. I love knowing that!