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In reading the first part of Matthew 4, we see that Jesus truly is a man because He is able to be tempted. He is also clearly the Son of God and is able to overcome the temptation of Satan. This is a good reminder that, while I am human and do not have the same abilities as Jesus, I do have the same strength through Him if I just trust in Him and follow the Holy Spirit’s leading.

In the second half of Matthew 4, it shows Jesus’ beginning to His ministry. I love the way the disciples follow Jesus. It is almost humorous to see them drop everything and follow Him. At the same time, it is a great example to us to know How we should follow Jesus. We aren’t supposed to put our affairs in order or wait to fix our lives, we are simply supposed to trust and follow Him. Everything else is fixable through His power, mercy, and grace.

A quick note here… We will be jumping around quite a bit as we read the book of Matthew. Parts of Matthew are written based on topic rather than chronological order, so it will seem like we are all over the place. Also, if you are following the reading plan I posted, I need to make some adjustments because I have a couple chapters listed twice. This is because some chapters are supposed to be broken in half since the events of the chapter are not chronological. I should have these adjustments done in the next day or so. Sorry for any confusion this may cause.